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National Centre of the Columbia University on Drug and Solvent Abuse (CASA) questioned 2000 teens online or by telephone, as well as 528 parents.

Teens, who spend most of their free time at  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other social networks are more frequent smokers, they are more addicted to alcohol or drugs.

The results demonstrate that kids, who are at social networking sites every day :

- smoke 5 times more often;
drink alcohol 3 times more often;

- smoke gage twice as often.


most of teens - 70% - stated, that they spend from 1 minute to 1 hour at social networking sites every day.

Social networks themselves do not cause abuse. The scientists believe that this effect is produced by the photographs, added by users: teens with cigarettes or alcohol drinks, dunk or stunned.

Scientists produce no conclusions on that, the urge parents to make difference between reason and consequences. The research demonstrated that 64% of parents do not control the child's behaviour on the web, and each 9th of the parents doesn't know that internet may bear danger.

However, internet is not the only to blame. Youth reality shows put the teens' health on threat, provoking uncontrolled sexual behaviour usage of alcohol and drugs. Besides cyberthreat affects kids: threats, sent via email or via private messages as well as things that make a teenager feel incomplete.

CASA report doesn't prove that social networking influences teen alcohol or drug abuse.

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